Vancouver 2010 — the Sour Grapes Olympics

What is with all this “oh woe is me, I didn’t win” shite that is going on in Vancouver. You’d never see a Canadian display the kind of antics Russian figure skaters are up to. Admittedly it was an Australian that did it first. Dale Begg-Smith’s sour attitude at not winning gold in men’s moguls was embarrassing. Then we had Plushenko complaining he should have one gold because he completed a quad and that “is the future of men’s skating”. But now we have reports of more Russian skaters complaining about scoring and home crowd bias.



Offensive Ice Dancers

I watched this Ice Dancing routine live last night and I was shocked and offended…and I’m not alone.

One Bowl = 2 Servings. F.D.A. May Fix That

From The New York Times:

This is the kind of story that really interests me these days. I have started thinking a lot more about the food I eat, how it is created (processed), where it came from (how far it has travelled) and where I buy it. Part of this is because of an Oprah episode I watched a few weeks back while at home sick; and partly because I’ve done some work on my personal budget and realized how much “dining out” I do. I need to cut back expenses but that shouldn’t mean I have to cut back on health.

So the question is – can I eat healthy on a limited budget?

Other Interesting Stories:

the Truth according to william shattner

Except from Up Til Now by William Shattner with David Fisher:

Later that night, as I lay in my warm sleeping bag, it suddenly occured to me why I was in that valley. It is a truthe that has never left me. I was there to understand that I didn’t ahve to be sitting outside in the freezing cold night at a monastery in the Himalayas beneath Mt. Everest to recognize and appreciate the wonderment that exists in every object. It’s with me all the time, wherever I am — even on the San Diego Freeway. It’s in out skin, it’s in our finger, it’s in every things. All you have to do is pause and contemplate that thing, whatever it is, and allow yourself to be astounded at its existance, and you are on the verge of the Zen feeling of being at one with the universe.

I read this today at lunch, while enjoying my $3.29 subway sandwich, and was struck by the “exactness” of it. It was a “YES…THAT’S IT!!” moment.

I love those moments.  I love having them while reading. It’s one of the sublime joys of reading.

Other than that, Shattner describes a feeling I want to have; or maybe I have had; I don’t know. That’s Zen for you!