I’ve been scanned

I’m on my way to Vegas! But along the way…airport security and the full body scanner.

The whole process was pretty straight forward. Stand on the the two yellow foot symbols and put your hands up above your head. The machine is circular and the scanning device rotates around you 180 degrees. Once the scan was complete, security asked me to stand off to the side while the results were radioed back to the operator. I got the all clear and was pointed toward the exit.

Flying out of Edmonton on a Monday morning was so easy and quick that I got through security and customs and to my gate with almost 1.5 hours to spare before take-off.


Mother’s Day 2010

I vowed that this blog would not become a place where I came to vent or bitch about the trials and tribulations of my life but events yesterday have changed that.

My kid didn’t call me for Mother’s Day!

Now I’m not sure why but I’m going to guess it’s because his dad didn’t avail him the opportunity to call.

I went to bed and cried. But what’s the solution. There’s no point telling the ex; he’ll just make the kid call me but since it’s not Mother’s Day today, it wouldn’t feel the same. So instead, I talked with my best friend and then came here to rant.


Ok enough of this…you may return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.