Why can’t I just be optimistic? Why must it always be “the sky is falling”? Why are some people just able to be bright and hopeful about life and things and people like me aren’t?

I know this one guy who is always “up”. Nothing ever seems to get him down? Even when the situation is dire, he can manage to find optimism.

I’ve discovered there’s no magic pill and no matter how much I smile, there are times when I feel so down I’m not sure how to recover.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. My one hour commute home gives me time to reflect and recharge. Coming home to watch a great movie, enjoy food & drink, or play games with me extended circle of online friends is awesome and I find myself going to bed relaxed … only to do it all again tomorrow.


A case of the blahs


Image by pinoldy via Flickr

I’m committed to the blog-a-day idea but I’m looking over my post ideas notes and can’t find anything I’m modivated to write about today.

I’m getting ready to move into a new office in a new building and there are large orange moving crates all around my space and everyone else’s. Plus I have to move out of my secondary residence in the other city where I spend my weekends. My love life is in a state of transition — to either break-up or make-up. Everything feels unsettled and messy.

Side-effect = my brain feels uneasy and my thoughts are unorganised and chaotic.

Result = mood swings from happy to restlessness to blah!

<deep sigh>

Meh…wish I could just sleep through all this and wake-up when it’s all done.

Dear Blog,

I have not abandoned you, my poor neglected blog. I know it’s been months since I’ve posted anything meaningful but you aren’t far from my thoughts…it’s just that my thoughts have been boring and uninteresting lately and not exactly blog-worthy. I vow to change my ways. Regardless of the “quality”, I will blog at least once per two weeks. Hopefully, getting into the habit of writing will reinvigorate my enthusiasm for this medium.


I’ve been scanned

I’m on my way to Vegas! But along the way…airport security and the full body scanner.

The whole process was pretty straight forward. Stand on the the two yellow foot symbols and put your hands up above your head. The machine is circular and the scanning device rotates around you 180 degrees. Once the scan was complete, security asked me to stand off to the side while the results were radioed back to the operator. I got the all clear and was pointed toward the exit.

Flying out of Edmonton on a Monday morning was so easy and quick that I got through security and customs and to my gate with almost 1.5 hours to spare before take-off.