What is freedom?

What is freedom? When do you feel most free in your job? In your day? Least free? When is it better to not be free?

I can’t imagine what it means to be free. I don’t feel like I’m ever free from the responsibilities and constraints of life.

The only time I can think of when I’m released from “life” is when I’m lying back completely immersed in the bath. I can’t hear the outside world. I can only hear my breathing and the sound of my heart beating. Floating free! It’s even better if it’s almost dark. Removing as much outside sensation as possible — that’s freedom.

Maybe I should buy a sensory deprivation tank?


Real People

Are the people in our dreams real?

I don’t mean are they real people that we will meet one day. And I don’t mean that they are real people sharing my dream with me, at the same time.

What I wonder is…are these real people, the images of which appear in my dream. Perhaps it’s someone I saw on the street but didn’t really notice. Or maybe it’s someone I’ve met but don’t remember. Real – making a guest appearance in my dream!