A case of the blahs


Image by pinoldy via Flickr

I’m committed to the blog-a-day idea but I’m looking over my post ideas notes and can’t find anything I’m modivated to write about today.

I’m getting ready to move into a new office in a new building and there are large orange moving crates all around my space and everyone else’s. Plus I have to move out of my secondary residence in the other city where I spend my weekends. My love life is in a state of transition — to either break-up or make-up. Everything feels unsettled and messy.

Side-effect = my brain feels uneasy and my thoughts are unorganised and chaotic.

Result = mood swings from happy to restlessness to blah!

<deep sigh>

Meh…wish I could just sleep through all this and wake-up when it’s all done.


the Truth according to william shattner

Except from Up Til Now by William Shattner with David Fisher:

Later that night, as I lay in my warm sleeping bag, it suddenly occured to me why I was in that valley. It is a truthe that has never left me. I was there to understand that I didn’t ahve to be sitting outside in the freezing cold night at a monastery in the Himalayas beneath Mt. Everest to recognize and appreciate the wonderment that exists in every object. It’s with me all the time, wherever I am — even on the San Diego Freeway. It’s in out skin, it’s in our finger, it’s in every things. All you have to do is pause and contemplate that thing, whatever it is, and allow yourself to be astounded at its existance, and you are on the verge of the Zen feeling of being at one with the universe.

I read this today at lunch, while enjoying my $3.29 subway sandwich, and was struck by the “exactness” of it. It was a “YES…THAT’S IT!!” moment.

I love those moments.  I love having them while reading. It’s one of the sublime joys of reading.

Other than that, Shattner describes a feeling I want to have; or maybe I have had; I don’t know. That’s Zen for you!

Socks — Love ’em. Hate ’em. Hard to live without ’em.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love socks. I have socks for work. I have socks for home. I have fav socks for going out. I have lucky socks. I have warm, fuzzy socks. I have so many socks, that when I moved I put some socks into storage because at my new place I wouldn’t have the same dresser as before and therefore considerably less space for socks. <read here: I used to have a whole drawer devoted to socks>

There are however things I hate about socks:

1. Wet socks. I cannot tell you how yukky I feel when I have damp socks or socks with a small wet spot. EWW!!!

2. Socks that fall down.

3. Socks that get holes in the toes after just a few wears.

4. Men that wear white sport socks with dress shoes.

Today it was “socks that fall down” day. <sigh>