Socks — Love ’em. Hate ’em. Hard to live without ’em.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love socks. I have socks for work. I have socks for home. I have fav socks for going out. I have lucky socks. I have warm, fuzzy socks. I have so many socks, that when I moved I put some socks into storage because at my new place I wouldn’t have the same dresser as before and therefore considerably less space for socks. <read here: I used to have a whole drawer devoted to socks>

There are however things I hate about socks:

1. Wet socks. I cannot tell you how yukky I feel when I have damp socks or socks with a small wet spot. EWW!!!

2. Socks that fall down.

3. Socks that get holes in the toes after just a few wears.

4. Men that wear white sport socks with dress shoes.

Today it was “socks that fall down” day. <sigh>