Mother’s Day 2010

I vowed that this blog would not become a place where I came to vent or bitch about the trials and tribulations of my life but events yesterday have changed that.

My kid didn’t call me for Mother’s Day!

Now I’m not sure why but I’m going to guess it’s because his dad didn’t avail him the opportunity to call.

I went to bed and cried. But what’s the solution. There’s no point telling the ex; he’ll just make the kid call me but since it’s not Mother’s Day today, it wouldn’t feel the same. So instead, I talked with my best friend and then came here to rant.


Ok enough of this…you may return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


Vancouver 2010 — the Sour Grapes Olympics

What is with all this “oh woe is me, I didn’t win” shite that is going on in Vancouver. You’d never see a Canadian display the kind of antics Russian figure skaters are up to. Admittedly it was an Australian that did it first. Dale Begg-Smith’s sour attitude at not winning gold in men’s moguls was embarrassing. Then we had Plushenko complaining he should have one gold because he completed a quad and that “is the future of men’s skating”. But now we have reports of more Russian skaters complaining about scoring and home crowd bias.